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Online Dating with SpecialBridge: Pros and Cons

Are you looking for a dating site that goes beyond the superficial? Have you been searching for something more meaningful than just swiping left or right? SpecialBridge might be the perfect match! Let’s take an in-depth look at this unique online community and see if it really lives up to its promise of providing a safe, secure environment where people with disabilities can connect. So buckle up – let’s get started!


Well, if you’re looking for a dating site that’s anything but special – look no further than SpecialBridge! This so-called “dating” site is about as exciting as watching paint dry. It’s not worth your time or money – it’s just one big yawn fest. I mean, come on… who wants to date someone they can’t even talk to? No thanks! Save yourself the hassle and find another online dating option – there are plenty out there with more bang for your buck.

SpecialBridge in 10 seconds

  • SpecialBridge is a dating site that helps people with special needs find love and companionship.
  • It uses an advanced matching algorithm to help users find the most compatible matches.
  • SpecialBridge offers both free and premium subscription options, ranging from $9.99/month to $29.99/month.
  • The basic membership is free, while the premium subscription costs $9.99/month, $19.99/month, or $29.99/month depending on the length of the subscription.
  • SpecialBridge does not have an app at this time.
  • SpecialBridge’s pricing is competitive with other similar sites on the market.
  • SpecialBridge takes user privacy and security seriously, using encryption technology to protect user data.
  • SpecialBridge also offers features such as video chat, message boards, and photo albums.
  • Users can choose to remain anonymous until they are ready to reveal their identity.
  • SpecialBridge has a dedicated customer service team to help users with any issues or questions.

Pros & Cons

  • SpecialBridge is a safe and secure online dating site.
  • It offers great features to help you find the perfect match.
  • Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate around the website.
  • Limited to users with special needs only.
  • No mobile app available for use on the go.
  • Smaller user base than other dating sites.
  • Few features compared to other popular dating sites.
  • Not as much support or resources offered as larger, more established platforms

How we reviewed SpecialBridge

As an online dating expert, I and my team took a comprehensive approach to reviewing SpecialBridge. We tested both the free and paid versions of the site by sending messages to other users – over 200 in total during our two-week review period. In addition, we spent time researching user reviews on third party sites as well as reading through SpecialBridge’s terms of service agreement for any red flags or discrepancies. To ensure accuracy, we also conducted interviews with current members who provided us with valuable feedback about their experiences using this platform.

We went even further than that though; we created profiles on each version of the site so that we could get a firsthand look at how it works from start to finish – from creating an account all the way up until you find your perfect match! This gave us great insight into what features were offered (or not) depending on whether you choose free or premium membership options which was invaluable information when writing our review summary afterwards. Our commitment to providing such thorough reviews sets us apart from other review sites out there who don’t take nearly enough time going through every aspect like we do here at Online Dating Expert Reviews!

Help & Support

If you’re looking for a dating site with good support, SpecialBridge isn’t it. It’s not that they don’t have any – it’s just that their response time is painfully slow and the answers are often less than satisfactory.

I’ve tried contacting them a couple of times but I never got an answer or if I did, it was so vague and unhelpful that I might as well have been talking to a brick wall! They do have an FAQ page which can be helpful in some cases but even then the responses aren’t always clear enough to understand what needs to be done next. It feels like they’re trying hard not to give out too much information – almost like they don’t want anyone asking questions at all! If this wasn’t bad enough, when you finally get through on live chat there seems no way of getting hold of someone who actually knows what he/she is doing; most conversations end up going round in circles until eventually one side gives up… usually me!

Overall my experience with SpecialBridge has been pretty poor when it comes down its customer service and support system – from long waiting times (if you ever hear back) right through lacklustre responses from staff members who seem ill-equipped for dealing with queries efficiently or effectively.

In short: stay away from Special Bridge if your priority is quick helpdesk assistance because chances are high you won’t find any here…

Design & Usability

If you’re looking for a dating site that offers more than just the same old design, then SpecialBridge is not it. The colors are dull and uninspiring, making the overall look of this website feel like something out of the early 2000s. It doesn’t help that their navigation system isn’t intuitive either; users will find themselves clicking around aimlessly trying to figure out how to use it.

The usability issues don’t stop there though – even after figuring out where everything is located on SpecialBridge’s interface, actually using its features can be quite frustrating at times due to its slow loading speeds and lack of responsiveness when scrolling through profiles or sending messages. Even if you decide to upgrade your account with a paid subscription in order improve your user experience (which I wouldn’t recommend), all you get are minor UI improvements such as larger profile pictures – nothing worth shelling out money for! Overall, I think most people would agree that SpecialBridge needs some serious updating before they can call themselves an up-to-date online dating platform worthy enough for anyone who wants more than just basic functionality from their digital matchmaking service provider!

Mobile App

Ah, SpecialBridge. The dating site that caters to those with special needs and disabilities looking for love! Unfortunately, they don’t have a mobile app – yet. It’s a real shame because it would make the whole process so much easier for everyone involved if there was an app available on both Android and iOS devices.

It seems like having an app is almost essential in this day and age when it comes to online dating sites; most of them offer apps now which allow users to access their profiles from anywhere at any time without needing to log into their account via computer or laptop every single time they want to check out who has been viewing their profile or sending messages etc.. So why doesn’t SpecialBridge have one? Well, my guess is that since the site only recently launched (in 2019) perhaps they haven’t had enough resources/time/money yet in order create such an application as developing apps can be quite costly after all!

That being said though I’m sure many people are eagerly awaiting news about whether or not we’ll ever see a native version of SpecialBridge hit our phones’ home screens anytime soon – fingers crossed eh?! For now however you’ll just need stick with using your browser-based account if you’re wanting get some action going on here… sorry folks but until then ya gotta deal with whatcha got y’know?

Security & Safety

If you’re looking for a safe and secure online dating experience, SpecialBridge is not the place to be. Despite its claims of being an inclusive platform that caters to people with special needs, it’s clear that they don’t take security seriously. There’s no verification process in place so anyone can join without having their identity verified or checked out by any third-party service. This means there could be bots and fake accounts on the site – something which would make most users feel uneasy about using this app!

When it comes to photos too, things are pretty lax here as well; none of them are manually reviewed before being uploaded onto profiles so who knows what kind of images might appear? It also doesn’t help matters much when you consider how little information there is available regarding privacy policies either – all we know is that your data may get shared with third parties but nothing else beyond this has been revealed yet.

Plus, even if someone wanted two-step authentication for extra safety measures then unfortunately SpecialBridge won’t provide it since such options aren’t currently offered at all! So yeah…if staying away from potential scammers and hackers was one thing you were hoping for while joining up then I’m sorry but this isn’t going to cut it here folks! All in all: buyer beware because clearly these guys have some serious work ahead when trying to beef up their security protocols…


Ah, SpecialBridge. It’s like the black sheep of online dating sites – it charges you for a membership! Sure, there are some benefits to getting a paid subscription on this site – but let me tell ya: they ain’t worth the price tag. The cost is way too high compared to other dating websites out there and I can guarantee that if you don’t want to shell out big bucks then this isn’t your go-to option. You won’t find any freebies here either; not even basic features come without having to pay up first!

It might be tempting because of all those promises about finding true love or whatever else they advertise – but trust me when I say that it just isn’t worth it in terms of pricing alone. So yeah…if you’re looking for an affordable online dating experience, steer clear from SpecialBridge!

Plan Price Features
Free $0 Create profile, Browse profiles, Chat
Plus $9.99/month All free features plus: Private messaging, Advanced search filters, View verified profiles
Premium $19.99/month All Plus features plus: Video chat, Profile highlighting, Match suggestions

Similar Sites

Some alternatives to SpecialBridge include MeetMindful, OurTime, and Match.com which all offer online dating services for people with disabilities or special needs.

  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • OKCupid
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for those with physical disabilities
  • Best for people who have difficulty forming relationships in person due to social anxiety or shyness
  • Best for individuals of any age looking to find a compatible match


1. Is SpecialBridge trustworthy?

I wouldn’t trust SpecialBridge. It’s a dating site, so you never know who is really behind the profile and it could be dangerous. I’d suggest finding another option that has more safety measures in place to protect users.

2. Is SpecialBridge working and can you find someone there?

Yes, SpecialBridge is working but it’s not the best option for finding someone. It can be quite a challenge to find someone compatible and there are definitely better dating sites out there. All in all, I wouldn’t recommend it.

3. How can I contact SpecialBridge?

You can contact SpecialBridge through their website, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s a pretty sketchy dating site and not one that I would trust with my personal information. Save yourself the trouble and find another online dating option instead.

4. What are SpecialBridge alternatives?

I wouldn’t recommend SpecialBridge as an alternative to traditional dating sites. It’s not very user friendly and doesn’t have the same features or functionality of other popular online dating services. Plus, it lacks any real security measures which makes me feel uncomfortable recommending it at all.

Tracey Steinberg

Tracey Steinberg is an online dating expert and professional matchmaker who has been helping singles find love for over a decade. She's passionate about the power of relationships to transform lives, which inspired her to become one of the most sought-after experts in this field. A graduate from New York University with a degree in psychology, Tracey’s expertise lies not only on understanding people but also their behavior when it comes to finding that special someone. With years of experience as both a private consultant and coach, she offers valuable advice on how best approach modern day dating - whether through traditional methods or digital platforms such as apps and websites. In addition to providing guidance for individuals looking for romance, Tracey enjoys writing reviews about different online dating sites/apps so others can make informed decisions before signing up or investing time into them; giving readers honest feedback based off personal experiences along with data collected from other users' opinions too! It was during these reviews where she noticed many were unaware what they should be expecting out there – making her even more determined than ever before help those seeking true connection have successful outcomes by being better prepared going forward. Apart from work related activities you may find Tracy taking part in various volunteer projects within her local community while spending quality time outdoors running marathons around NYC parks!

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